Thursday, April 08, 2010

Those things she says.

I have no doubt that Evvy will relish language and reading much as her dear ol' mom and dad do. Her pronounciation certainly belies her 2 1/2 year old tongue, but she loves to absorb and dispense various expressions that she hears, using them in appropriate situations, even if she does not understand them fully. Here are a few of my favourite Evvy-isms.

(Indignantly, when I have done something that has offended her delicate sensibilities): "Mama! Don't you do dat EVER again!"

(When asked whether she needs help with something): "No, sometimes I can do dat by myself because I am a BIG girl now."

(When asked what she is chattering about, apparently to no-one ,) "Oh. Sorry mama, I was just talking to myself."

(When asked what she is doing with the 3 earthworms she is carefully arranging on the lawn): "I taking dem for a walk. Dat's important because they need deir exa-cise."

(While at work with her felt pens. ): "See mama, dat's an email for you. You can put it on your ipod."

(When asked what her email says."): "It says "E-V-V-Y."

I think Peter already wrote about Shoygie and Eyoeyo, Evvy's self-named left and right feet, respectively, but I grin every time I think about it.

And my 5 minutes are now up...
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