Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Those who cannot do teach.

When it comes to P.E. I have no problem agreeing with this statement - although usually it just offends me.
I somehow managed to end up teaching P.E. again this year, and for our spring units, which were divided up amongst teachers at random, I got Rugby. Seriously.

You know the public education system is in the midst of collapse when I responsible for teaching a rugby unit.

I have watched a lot of Rugby in my lifetime. Well, to be honest, I have watched a lot of very muscular legs and buttocks belonging to rugby players in my time. But I can't honestly say that I've paid much attention to what their hands are doing. Something about a ball, I think. And then they jump on each other and wrestle or whatnot. Oh dear.

I do like the New Zealand team's Haka. But that's more of a dance, isn't it? But, hey, that appeals to me... as do those short, short, shorts.

Sigh. Wish me luck.

Today's 5-minute post was brought to you by an Outsiders Test. Good luck kids. Yes, I am doing something HIGHLY important right now...
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