Friday, July 20, 2012

Hair- Brained? Part 1: The Cut

In my quest to save some serious coin and learn a new skill, I’ve embarked on the adventure of cutting my own hair.

Peter’s been a self-styled man, in every sense of the word, for years now, and I’ve always been impressed by his talent for barbering? (barbery?) He comes by it honestly. Two of his grandparents were stylists – his grandpa ran the same barber shop for nearly 30 years. Lacking such a family legacy, I approached this task with some trepidation, but I’m a smart, resourceful woman; I pride myself on broadening my horizons. This should be a cinch, right?

Before my head-shave, I rocked an asymmetrical bob (like the one on my blog picture) for a couple of years, courtesy of the lovely and talented Jada, who lives in Duncan, but was worth the drive. Now it’s all about the pixie. It fits my lifestyle incredibly well: I bike to work. I garden with a sun hat on. I wake up as late as possible before work. I need a streamlined morning routine that does not involve flat irons!

Enter the pixie: it requires almost ZERO styling time. No blow-drying, no flat-iron, no worrying about the humidity. Nope, just some nice Argan oil styling cream, a tousle or two and it’s off to work!

Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Halle Berry, Mia Farrow, Sarah McLachlan, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes: these women prove that pixie cuts are sexy, timeless and bold. Short locks are not for the feeble-hearted girl; they are for ladies-nay-women who have the confidence to carry their own femininity sans fairytale princess tresses. I mean, look at Rapunzel. By the end of Tangled her life had “finally begun”, and she had a daring little brunette bob for her launch party.

Well, the thing is, I HAD a pixie... about 2 months ago. It has slowly been creeping into some kind of moppy mullet. Time for an attack on all fronts. Thankfully I have some help in the form of my stepdaughter Morgan, who is neither afraid of a little style adventure nor of a little pair of sharp scissors. She's tackling the back portion, and I'll hack away at the front.

Here’s the inspiration behind the cut I've decided to attempt (thank you Ms. Emma Watson):

This is the best “before”picture that I could find - that’s Morgan hiding behind me!
And I'll do the big reveal tomorrow!
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