Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Accomplishment Journal #1: July 30th and 31st

Disclaimer: Below I will list all the (likely very boring) things I have accomplished, beyond day-to-day activities and chores, during my summer break. This is the first of many blogs designed to prove to myself that I am actually quite productive on a daily basis while not working. Yes, I should probably already know this, being me after all, but every year I get to September 4th and wonder "did I actually DO anything during the past 2 months?!" Then I feel woefully useless thinking about all the projects I SHOULD HAVE finished, but DIDN'T. Anyhow, long story short: these blogs are likely to be snoozefests and are mainly for posterity. I will accept the mockery that comes with undertaking such a ridiculously anal-retentive project.

Yesterday's Chores:
- Cleaned Fridge (it had been awhile...)
- Emptied, washed and organized all kitchen drawers (with Evvy's help)
- Took old batteries, light bulbs and electronics to Return-it.
- Bought, hemmed and installed a curtain to conceal horrible dining room mess-magnet nook

Yesterday's Fun:
- Went on a nice long walk around neighborhood with Evvy and Max and discovered lots of boulevard plum trees that are ripe
- Picked berries and veggies from our garden

Today's Chores:
- Got new tires on Evvy's bike
- Trip to Home Depot for towel racks, vanity and medicine cabinet mirror to replace existing upstairs bathroom fixtures
- Donated some clothes and housewares that were hanging around
- Poked around in crawlspace and discovered un-insulated pipes and lots of gaps in insulation
- Washed some walls that were particularly disgusting
- Fixed broken kitchen cabinet

Today's Fun:
- Went to the Bug Zoo with P and E
- Had a nice dinner at Mom and Dad T's

Over and out for today!
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