Thursday, May 22, 2014

Getting ready to move!

It's official. As of June 28th, we will be living in a new home. Our current home on Parkview Dr., a charming 3-storey 1930's gem just didn't meet our long-term needs. It didn't take us long to buy and sell, and now we're preparing not only to move, but to renovate!

Our new place (we've named it "Woody End" with the appropriate credit to J.R. Tolkien) is a 1980's time capsule. It's a U-shaped one storey bungalow with plenty of room for improvements. We will be putting in all new flooring, stripping lots of wallpaper, converting a laundry room into an office, and completely renovating the kitchen. All (hopefully) in two months, and while living in the house.

Here are some "befores":
As well as being a place to cook and eat-in, the kitchen also serves as a passageway between the two wings of the house. Its current layout makes it into a bottleneck - I think things need to be opened up a little! 
Yes, that is a sunshine ceiling beside the actual skylight! The back wall is not, indeed, brick, but a lovely thick vinyl wallpaper - one of the first things I will attack when I move in.

The ensuite bathroom - It is way pinker in person than it looks in this picture.

Then entryway - view towards living and dining room. Changes T.B.A.!

Evvy's bedroom. She has helped me to pick out a colour scheme, and I have some awesome fabric, so  look forward to some elegant florals, and bright stripes!

Current laundry room - soon to be an office for Peter. The laundry will move to the garage (yay! I have a garage!!!) - a small concession to make.

I've already been working on some DIY projects that will grace our new home, and you can bet I've done some shopping. Peter is less than impressed by the treasures I have been bringing home to revamp and re-purpose. Turns out he really liked the "staged" version of our home (we put 1/3 of our belongings in storage)

Well, with a strike pending, I will have to rein in my expenditures. Stupid contract negotiations. Stupid Liberal government. Stupid lack of proper funding for public education. Good thing I have all this planing to keep me distracted from the misery that is currently my job!

I'm currently building a bench based on this plan by the spectacularly talented Ana White. This is officially the first piece of wooden furniture that I have constructed from scratch. Here's what it looks like so far:

I plan to stain it a dark espresso colour, then, depending on how it looks, I may paint and distress!

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